Access Control

Our Access Control encompasses all the hardware and software requirements. The system is IP based and made to suit the needs of all types of customers from the small single door application to the enterprise multi-location solutions. Our controllers and readers are ergonomically designed with all the necessary functionalities to run your operation as smoothly as possible. The system offers card only, keypad only, card and keypad, fingerprint and card combinations. All the products undergo rigorous testing prior to leaving the factory and conform to all CE and UL standards. The benefits of using our Access Control are the scalability of the devices, the IP connection, the ease of installation and programming as well as the integration with 3rd party devices such as CCTV, Fire Alarm etc.



Pyxis Controls’ surveillance solutions permit truly intelligent recording, enabling the user to specify what types of recordings they require captured and when recorded images can include not only the incident, but also what happened immediately before and after, providing you with a complete picture to enhance your investigation process and outcome.

Leading surveillance solutions integrate seamlessly with the security and life- safety, promoting effective management of information and intelligence. From a single user interface, an operator can perform all viewing, recording, archiving and retrieval functions.

TCP/IP architecture allows for the use of digital cameras taking full advantage of the client’s existing enterprise network structure, making it possible to locate and relocate cameras anywhere in the building’s network. Network cameras eliminate the need to lay dedicated coaxial cable, make use of power over Ethernet, offer megapixel resolution and integrated PTZ and audio control and secure communication through encryption.

Pyxis works closely with institutional clients in Europe and Middle East to assist in the design of the CCTV systems as well as the lenses selection process in order to provide the end user with the most optimal solution to suit his needs.

Pyxis also works closely with “Netavis Austria” on software enhancements that are added to existing cameras to allow end user to generate various behavioural reports in their monitored areas.


Border Control Solutions

Border/Perimeter surveillance and protection requires a 24/7, day and night vision large area scanning system to detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders- be they hostile forces, terrorists, smugglers or illegal immigrants or others.

The border may be a mountain, shoreline, sea or urban area, and it may include areas where peoples’ activities are permitted. Sometimes the requirement is to detect intruders long before they reach the fence or border.

Pyxis Controls provides a unique surveillance solution for border protection because of its ability to scan and automatically detect targets in a wide area in real-time, around the clock. This capability cannot be matched with the commonly used VMD technology.

Exercises showed that no human-operated system can efficiently detect targets in a 24/7 mission without automatic alerts – both video and voice. Pyxis Controls camera systems provide these, ensuring safety and protection around the clock.

The system’s all-weather day/night and thermal capabilities are unrivaled and ensure zero down time during operation.

We tailor the solution to match the client’s requirements and provide all ancillary hardware and software required for the implementation of the project.


Thermal/Night Vision Solution

Pyxis Controls provides night/thermal vision surveillance cameras and handheld devices customized for the individual operator or networked system.

The products are simple to use, yet fully implemented with advanced features at a touch of a button. From advanced stabilized EO/IR camera systems to portable night/thermal vision handhelds, we constantly innovate to provide the latest in technology, cost-effectively.

Along with our suppliers, we assist clients in understanding their needs vs capabilities requirements and work on producing the devices required to meet their specifications.

Our approach is to always look for ways to innovate, often by aggregating new technologies and integrating them with our own innovations. We have a reputation for solving difficult problems on time and within budget.

Our Night Vision units use tubes from GEN 2, 2+, and 3 and are applicable to law enforcement, fire fighting, wildlife/park conservation and recreational hunting.


Perimeter security

As part of the complete solution that Pyxis Controls looks at providing to its clients, we have added an important series of components in the physical security part. Ranging from barriers to road blockers, we provide a fully comprehensive range of 3rd party products.

The physical security supply is all done in conjunction with our engineering team in order to provide an integrated system that allows clients to not only monitor and control their buildings but also automate all
the physical security (entrance/exit) side.

The main physical security components are:


CNC Machine Solutions

Pyxis Controls deals with various manufacturers of CNC machines.

We offer our clients a complete line of CNC machine, namely:

We also supply a wide selection of fully integrated automation solutions, including automatic parts loaders, pallet-pool systems, and 6-axis robot systems. Target industries include: Automotive, Medical, Electronic, Agricultural and Energy.