Airport Integrated Systems

As part of our commitment to airport safety and operational efficiency, Pyxis Controls offers a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for airport systems. These systems are designed to optimize airport management and security by integrating cutting-edge technologies and efficient processes.

Our approach includes the design, installation, and maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), which enable precise aircraft landings in all weather conditions. In addition to ILS, we also provide solutions for air traffic management, runway and secure area surveillance, as well as advanced communication systems to ensure smooth coordination among various airport stakeholders.

By closely collaborating with our clients, we are able to deliver tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each airport, thereby ensuring safe and efficient operation of their facilities.

Leading surveillance solutions integrate seamlessly with the security and life- safety, promoting effective management of information and intelligence. From a single user interface, an operator can perform all viewing, recording, archiving and retrieval functions.

TCP/IP architecture allows for the use of digital cameras taking full advantage of the client’s existing enterprise network structure, making it possible to locate and relocate cameras anywhere in the building’s network. Network cameras eliminate the need to lay dedicated coaxial cable, make use of power over Ethernet, offer megapixel resolution and integrated PTZ and audio control and secure communication through encryption.

Pyxis works closely with institutional clients in Europe and Middle East to assist in the design of the CCTV systems as well as the lenses selection process in order to provide the end user with the most optimal solution to suit his needs.

Pyxis also works closely with “Netavis Austria” on software enhancements that are added to existing cameras to allow end user to generate various behavioural reports in their monitored areas.